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Privacy Policy of Taxiye

Privacy Policy of Taxiye

Privacy Policy of Taxiye

Privacy Policy of Taxiye

Privacy Policy

The term "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the Taxiye app, Eltaxi, a private limited company, founded in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. We at Taxiye, value our customers privacy,

Taxiye or, ('we,' 'our,' and/or 'us') is a private limited company founded in Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. We respect the privacy of our users including passengers and drivers. This privacy policy (the 'Privacy Policy') explains how we collect, use, and share information. This privacy notice functions for both passengers and drivers. Beyond the Privacy Policy, your use of Taxiye is also subject to our Terms of Service

  1. Legal

We, Taxiye, process data in order to provide the service for the passenger. We collect personal data given by users in installation and sign-up process. We require both passengers and Drivers to agree to self-identification and allowing access to geo-location data.

Your personal data may be processed on grounds of detecting suspicious activity or other legitimate grounds. Personal data may be also processed on legitimate interest grounds, for example in investigating and detecting fraudulent payments.

Personal data we process

  • Name, phone number, e-mail address. Geolocation of the passenger and drivers, the time and the destination of a journey.Information including license, cv and identity documents, ratings, and other necessary information.Payment information.Information about disputes.Identification data of the device on which the Taxiye app has been installed.Data about criminal convictions and offences. The financial data of providing transportation services is not considered as personal data, because drivers provide services in the course of economic and professional activities.You can access and update your personal data via the Taxiye app.In the user app the app collects contact information from users device for the purpose of saving emergency contacts, sending ride status etc.

  1. Purpose of the process

  • We collect and process data for connecting passengers with drivers, and vice versa.
  • <li> We display passenger and driver information like geo-location and phone number to increase overall efficiency.
        Geo-location data is collected only when the Taxiye app is activated and it switches off when Taxiye app is
        closed. We may use geo-location data to resolve quality issues related to transportation services.We
        may notify passengers and drivers of specific updates to the application. Contact details to notify passengers
        of updates to the Taxiye app.You will receive summaries from the Taxiye Driver Portal, which will
        include your efficiency and ratings as a driver. Summary and ratings about driver are necessary to provide a
        reliable services for passengers.We follow drivers&acirc;&euro;&trade; routes across city to analyze
        and report our drivers with better routes and to make pertinent recommendations.We may process
        passenger payment information on behalf of driversWe also compile customer support data to help
        resolve disputes that arise in the business. </li>

  1. Recipients

  • Personal data will only be shared with the driver or passenger who is actively participating in a ride. The passenger will see the name, phone number, and location, while the driver also sees the name and number of the passenger.Drivers after providing the service, will have information on the passengers for 24 hours after the service has ended. This is for drivers who could have issues related with the service or the passenger including returning lost items. Passengers will also have their driver history on their account. Feedback given to both passengers and drivers will remain anonymousPersonal data may be disclosed to the Taxiye and group companies. This will occur under the same conditions as established in privacy notice.
  • <li> Depending on the location of the driver, the personal data may be disclosed to Taxiye local subsidiaries,
        representatives, affiliates, agents etc.). Processing of personal data by will occur under the same conditions
        as established in this privacy notice </li>

  1. Security and access

  • All personal data collected in the course of providing the services is transferred to and stored in the data center&acirc;&euro;&trade;s of Amazon Web Services, Inc or AWS,. Only authorized personnel of Taxiye group can have access to the personal data.You may not process the personal data of passengers or drivers without our permission. For drivers, you may not contact any passenger or collect, record, store, grant access, use or cross-use the personal data provided by the passenger or accessible to you via the Taxiye app for any reason other than for the purposes of fulfilling the transportation services.Your location is anonymously processed and only linked for other dispute or fraud related issues.

  1. Retention

  • Data will be stored as long as the user is active on the application. If an account is closed or deleted, all data will be deleted according to the policies we have set out. We only hold onto your information when pertinent issues like fraud or unresolved mediation.Accounting data will be stored for a minimum 7 years.Journey history and financial data will be stored for 3 years, after which the data will be anonymized.Uninstallation of Taxiye does not mean deletion of personal data.

  1. Deletion

  • Requests for account deletion will be submitted via email and may take a month until processed.

  1. Portability

  • We respond to any request to transfer data by email. We require at least a month to make sure the transfer takes place. After we have verified the customer in question, we will provide you with your personal data, which includes: contact information, last 3 years&acirc;&euro;&trade; journey history and payment information.

9. Direct marketing

  • We only use your information to send personalized marketing messages, this access can be blocked by recipients by unsubscribing from our website (Taxiye.com)All complaints should be sent to our support team at (support@taxiye.com).
  • Other cases should be sent to the Federal High court of Ethiopia.